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Welcome to The Mind Index

Empowering Growth Through Innovation

We are a group of companies with a wide range of tech-related businesses. We drive innovation by offering consulting, investments, and strategic support. Our experienced team works together to turn promising ideas into success.

Who We Are?

The Mind Index is more than just a network of companies and projects. We are future-builders, strategic partners, and visionaries committed to bringing online projects to life and aiding their growth. We believe in finding creative and simple solutions to complex problems.

What We Do?

Our primary focus is on companies in the marketing, technology (AI-focused), e-commerce, fintech, and adtech sectors.


  • Support tech start-ups and entrepreneurs with business strategy, funding, and growth opportunities.
  • Accelerate growth in competitive markets with effective strategies.
  • Define and align business objectives through strategic planning.
  • Develop smart scaling strategies for sustained success.
  • Refine goals and vision for business growth.
  • Gain a competitive edge with access to valuable resources.
  • Facilitate investment acquisition and preparation.
  • Tap into marketing and growth strategy experts for enhanced market reach and customer engagement.
  • Guide digital transformations.

Consultation Services

We provide expert guidance to businesses and individuals who need help with growth, product, marketing, and strategy.

Investment Opportunities

We consider acquisitions and investments, powering progress in the tech world.


We equip businesses with the necessary resources to prosper in a digitally connected world.

Meet The Founder: Matthew Melamed

Our experienced team boasts an extensive knowledge of technology, startups, marketing, and product building. We are not just investors, we are your partners.

Let's Shape the Future Together

We’re excited to discuss your vision, consider an acquisition or investment, or offer tailored consulting to assist your journey. Let’s explore your ideas and help them reach their full potential.