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Achieve Financial Independence With Digital Marketing

Dive into our step-by-step program crafted to empower you with the skills, in-depth knowledge, and proven strategies.



You will learn everything you need to know: how to build a business, branding, business automation, building marketing funnels, email marketing, blogging, content strategies, social media marketing, video editing – and much more! This course is about practicality – you will finish it with a working business.

You Keep 100% of the Profits

Get your hands on a fully-packaged business, marketing, and automation course, ready to be sold as your own and keep 100% of the profits

Live sessions with experts

Access over 230 lessons with comprehensive video modules, meticulously designed for complete beginners

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Pay once and enjoy lifetime access to our continuously updated course and the incredible support of our vibrant community

Fast results

Most students in the course become business owners within the week and cover the expense of the course on their first sale

#1 Digital Marketing Course on the market

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no experience needed!

The magic of the course lies in its practicality, guiding you to get your business up and running quickly and effortlessly

Roadmap 2.0 delivers all the essentials for launching a digital marketing venture, no prior experience required!

This all-inclusive course covers business, marketing, branding, and automation, featuring 11 detailed, easy-to-follow modules designed for beginners!


Gain full rights to this in-demand digital course. Tailored for your success and set up to be sold at 100% profit!


You keep every cent of the earnings, as the course is entirely YOURS! Begin earning $497 in passive income with each sale! Enjoy permanent access to continuous course enhancements & support from our community groups!

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Roadmap 2.0

The roadmap 2.0

Who is this for?

With the Roadmap course, you gain lifetime access to a community of experts, complete with ongoing additional resources, guidance, tips, and secrets to success. Additionally, you have the opportunity to delve into thousands of reviews from students, all of whom have achieved great results and are sharing their stories and tips

A little bit about me:

Hey! I’m Matthew Melamed, 31 years old.


Over the last 10 years, I’ve embarked on this incredible adventure in the world of online business and digital marketing. A decade ago, after a challenging period in my life, while seeking meaning and a way to enter the business world, I discovered digital marketing. I began working in digital marketing and found it to be a huge passion of mine.


From the start, I realized it’s the key to accomplishing almost anything you wish in life. I understood that a deep knowledge of digital marketing is essential in any existing business, literally opening every door in life to pursue whatever your heart desires—and to make money from it. Yes, in my opinion, selling online is the most important skill for anyone today who wants to escape the race.


Six years ago, I found myself co-founding a digital marketing startup, building it from scratch. After three years, a major finance company acquired us, and I became the CEO of an 8-figure media business. Alongside that, I was always engaged in side gigs and successfully built digital products that generated six-figure incomes.


My dream has always been to help others achieve what I did—to become a mentor and help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom online. After all, I had many mentors and supporters along the way. Until recently, I hadn’t found the right method to truly deliver the best results—until I came across the Roadmap 2.0 program. It completely changed my perspective, providing me with a fresh outlook on building online products. I witnessed massive success with it, inspiring others who successfully built six- and seven-figure businesses at a speed I never thought possible.


So, I went all in, leaving my corporate job to become a Solopreneur, aiming to inspire and teach others how to do the same. And, without a doubt, I say with full confidence that this program is the single best thing you can find to build your business online today—it’s the best and fastest way possible. I now enjoy much more freedom in my life, without the need to spend all day in an office. I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible achieve this freedom. I’m confident I can help change your life too. Let’s do this.


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What Our Students Have To Say

After feeling completely burnt out in my 9-5 job and juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and another business, I was desperately searching for a way out. That's when I stumbled upon the infamous $7 challenge, which sparked excitement about the possibilities but left me hesitant due to the hefty $2500 upsell. Luckily, I discovered The Roadmap Course with MRR at a much more affordable price. This course has been a game-changer for me in pursuing my dream of starting a coaching/consultant business. The insights on business development, marketing, and automation are not only comprehensive but also presented in a way that makes the learning process enjoyable. I now feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to kick-start my own venture. The Roadmap Course has truly been the catalyst for transforming my ambitions into a tangible and achievable plan. Grateful for this opportunity.
Racquel S.
I did something I never do and took a leap of faith October 20th 2023. I needed to find a way to reclaim my identity after motherhood. Education was the number one thing coming between me and my dreams. After months of research it was evident that Roadmap 2.0 was the only course that had ALL the pieces I was missing to start my new beginning. Thanks to this course I am excited for the next chapter of my life.
I purchased the Roadmap in September 2023 after looking for 2 years for a business model that really fitted my values. I'm a mum of three living on a working cattle station in Australia. I started this business scared and as a total beginner. I had never sold a digital product before but I had a HUGE why, so I just jumped in. I am obsessed with the professionalism, support and amazing content within this course and I became the best student I could possibly be. I am now three months in and have generated an income of over $28,000. To say this has changed our life in a short time is an understatement!! Now, I just want to help others realise they can do this too!
Sal B.
After burning out in my 9-5, paying rent & support my other business, I was exhausted and needed a way out. I did the infamous $7 challenge which got me super excited the possibilities, but just couldn't afford/justify the $2.5k upsell. I found MRR at a much more affordable price and dove in -I am so happy I did! Hitting $5600 in my first 4 months is something I really needed to save me from rock bottom. I have my own coaching biz & it took me 4 YEARS + $17k to self-learn what I've learned in 1 WEEK of this course 🤯 1000% IN! 🔥
Bianca J.
Hi everyone! I bought 'Roadmap to Riches' 4 months ago, and I've learned more than I have in the last 3 years of my life. I have experience in marketing, but what I've learned in this course is AMAZING and MIND-BLOWING. I've gained extensive business knowledge and, more importantly, about myself. I've had to leave so many comfort zones I didn't even know I had. I am incredibly grateful to be on this journey, especially with this community. Everyone is always really helpful, and it makes things SO much easier. THANK YOU!
Ketarina N.
My journey with Roadmap 2.0's Digital Marketing course has been truly life-changing. I was stuck in a 9-5 job that left me feeling burned out, defeated, and missing out on life, unable to chase my dream of traveling the world. But this course changed everything for me. It taught me, a complete beginner, everything I needed to know about starting an online business and setting up the right foundation for long-term success. I am not very tech savvy nor have any experience in digital marketing prior so this was a perfect one-stop course for it all! What's incredible is that in just 60 days, I earned over $3,000! This was beyond my wildest expectations as a beginner. I'm now on a path to even greater earnings, but the most amazing part is that this opportunity has given me the freedom to say goodbye to my 9-5 job. I can finally start my journey of exploring the world while building my business. Roadmap 2.0 has opened doors I've been praying for, and I'm so grateful for the creators of it!!
Anya K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Master Resell Rights empower you to sell the rights to resell a product you’ve bought. Essentially, you can offer this course to your customers for full profit. Subsequently, your customers also have the privilege to sell the product further, maintaining 100% profit!

DEFINITELY NOT! The course is priced at $497 with absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees!

Not at all! The decision is entirely yours. You have the freedom to choose whether to resell the course or not. We’re here to support your choice!

Not one bit! The majority of our clients purchase The Roadmap 2.0 intending to begin their learning journey!

Upon purchase, you receive the course and continual free updates. Additionally, you become a part of our growing community, brimming with individuals keen on guiding you through your business adventure!

The Roadmap 2.0 is a comprehensive, detailed course aimed at empowering anyone to achieve their business ambitions. It includes 11 extensive modules that delve into marketing, content creation, mindset, and much more. Ideal for those embarking on their business path AND for those who are looking to elevate their existing success!

There are two ways. Firstly, the digital product is now under your ownership, allowing you to resell it endlessly and keep 100% of the profits. Secondly, you can leverage the knowledge gained to expand your own business. We’re committed to imparting valuable skills to enhance your online income potential, applicable across various business models!

Definitely not! It’s actually the perfect time to get started. Think of digital marketing and selling digital products like a plant that’s just starting to grow. They’re really beginning to take off. Right now is the best time to jump in and get going on this path. Imagine if someone had told you about dropshipping 10 years ago – you’d want to be a part of it, right? Well, it’s kind of like that with digital products today. It’s a huge opportunity waiting for you!


Apart from being the most detailed digital marketing course out there, it pragmatically guides you on launching your business swiftly. Most students manage to recoup their course investment after just a single sale in their new venture.


One of the biggest challenges in starting a new business is discovering or creating a successful product, be it physical or digital. This course, which comes with full selling rights, instantly provides you with a product that delivers immense value, propelling you forward in your business journey. It’s truly priceless.


What's inside? Roadmap 2.0 content:

This course provides a foundational understanding of business and digital marketing. Learners will explore essential concepts in business, management, and strategy and learn to implement these concepts in digital marketing and various business contexts.

This course emphasizes crucial elements of business strategy and operations, preparing participants with the necessary resources to establish a resilient and enduring business base.

An engaging module that inspires students to mold their entrepreneurial dreams into strategic action. The course dives deep into the process of harmonizing business goals with personal vision, giving participants the strategies and insights needed to devise a tailored blueprint for success.

This module serves as a comprehensive guide through the product creation process, from initial idea to market introduction. It equips participants with the tools to manage the nuances of product development, design, prototyping, and market testing, paving the way for a successful market entry.

A crucial module that investigates the art and methodology of forming a compelling brand identity. Participants will immerse themselves in the foundational aspects of brand strategy, narrative creation, and design, acquiring the acumen to establish a robust, memorable brand that engages their target market.

An innovative module that examines the significant impact of optimizing operations and leveraging technology to boost business efficiency and productivity.

An essential module aimed at ensuring the protection and legal security of businesses, products, and customer relationships.

The ‘Stan Store’ module presents students with a cutting-edge social media automation tool aimed at refining and automating sales operations. Participants will understand how to employ Stan Store effectively for efficient sales automation, from lead cultivation to client engagement, driving business advancement and operational efficacy.

An interactive module that enables students to develop and enhance sales funnels utilizing the versatile Systeme.io platform. Participants will acquire the skills to construct and execute powerful sales and marketing funnels, propelling conversions and revenue for their businesses.

A hands-on guide that prepares students to adeptly use and tailor pre-constructed sales funnels on the Systeme.io platform. This course facilitates participants to consolidate their marketing endeavors, improve user experience, and realize business goals with high-conversion, ready-to-use funnels.

A module focusing on the synergy of various automation systems to maximize the strengths and functionalities of each platform.

This module offers a concise guide on how to effectively optimize and ensure the functional excellence of your funnels for optimal results.

A fundamental module that explores the intricacies of email marketing, providing students with the insights and tactics needed to craft engaging, conversion-driven email campaigns.

This module offers a deep dive into maximizing automated email marketing through the Stan Store platform. Participants will develop the skills to craft and refine email marketing strategies, including flows and sequences, bolstering customer interaction and driving business expansion efficiently.

A detailed course that arms students with the methodologies and tactics to fully exploit email marketing via the Systeme.io platform. Learners will discover how to design and implement impactful email strategies and campaigns, utilizing automation to captivate their audience and spur conversions, enhancing their business’s digital footprint.

A detailed module that provides learners with the vital skills and insights to establish and sustain a thriving blog. Participants will delve into content creation, SEO tactics, and audience interaction strategies, ensuring they can employ their blogs as influential assets for personal and professional advancement.

This module delivers an exhaustive view of the digital marketing arena, emphasizing the creation and distribution of effective content across diverse social media platforms. Learners will develop the capacity to forge content marketing strategies, optimize audience interaction, and fully utilize social media channels to propel online success and accomplish business aims.

A module structured to endow participants with the abilities and instruments essential for refining business workflows and augmenting content production and management. Students will discover state-of-the-art solutions and methodologies for enhanced productivity and content efficacy, fostering business growth and achievement.

This module delivers a strategic approach to comprehend and address the vast array of challenges businesses face in the contemporary landscape. Participants will hone critical analytical and decision-making abilities to navigate various issues, from market fluctuations to operational complexities, promoting resilience and versatility in the business realm.

A module crafted to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide outstanding customer service. Participants will learn effective strategies for cultivating strong customer relationships, resolving concerns efficiently, and surpassing customer expectations, driving customer loyalty and business triumph.

This module offers an in-depth exploration of strategies and techniques to sustain and amplify business success over time. Participants will examine methods for strategic planning, innovation, and adapting to market changes, ensuring that their businesses not only flourish in the current landscape but also continue to evolve and prosper.

This module provides insights into one of the most influential social media platforms, covering its functionalities, marketing tactics, and best practices for individuals and enterprises. Participants will learn to utilize Facebook effectively to build a robust online presence, connect with their target market, and foster engagement and results in the ever-changing realm of social networking.

This module offers an in-depth look at the popular short-form video platform, delivering knowledge on content creation, audience engagement, and powerful marketing strategies. Participants will acquire the skills necessary to tap into TikTok’s creative capabilities, connect with various audiences, and stay abreast of the ever-evolving trends of this dynamic social platform.

A comprehensive guide dedicated to maximizing the visually-driven social media platform for personal branding and business expansion. Participants will learn to create captivating content, master Instagram’s functionalities, and implement strategic marketing approaches to establish a commanding online presence and engage their intended audience effectively.

This module offers a thorough introduction to YouTube, addressing its features, content creation, and optimization for personal and business objectives. Participants will gain a robust understanding of YouTube’s environment, learn to craft engaging video content, and leverage the platform’s capabilities for engagement, growth, and visibility.

An all-encompassing exploration of Pinterest, providing insights into its features, advantages, and strategic uses for personal and business objectives. Participants will acquire a profound comprehension of Pinterest’s capabilities in visual discovery and marketing, enabling them to harness the platform effectively to meet their goals and aspirations.

A practical module that equips students with the skills and techniques needed to create polished and engaging video content using the CapCut video editing software. Participants will learn to navigate CapCut’s features, from basic editing to advanced effects, enabling them to produce professional-quality videos for various purposes, from social media to presentations.

A comprehensive guide that empowers learners to create and launch their own online courses using the Kajabi platform. Participants will gain hands-on experience in designing, marketing, and managing their courses, allowing them to share their expertise and monetize their knowledge effectively in the digital landscape.

This course offers a free supportive community where students can connect with each other and receive additional support and guidance from instructors and peers. The community provides a space for students to ask questions, share their progress, and collaborate with others who are also taking the course. Instructors and mentors are available to provide feedback, answer questions, and offer additional resources and guidance.

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